Aisha In Morocco

摩洛哥🇲🇦天方夜譚 撒哈拉沙漠🐫 藍色小鎮💙 深度探索

摩洛哥🇲🇦天方夜譚 撒哈拉沙漠🐫 藍色小鎮💙 深度探索

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🔖 Profile

- Born and raised in Hong Kong

- Fell in love with Morocco 🇲🇦 after first travel to this magical country in 2016

- Decided to start a mysterious life in Morocco🇲🇦, running a Moroccan style Riad & travel business

- Interested to explore new places and aiming at discovering new aspect of travel in Morocco 🇲🇦

- 2,700+ Facebook Followers

- 2,000+ Instagram Followers

📍 Current Location 

Marrakech, Morocco 🇲🇦


🌍 Recent Trips

Peru & Bolivia - Oct to Nov 2022

Provence, France - Jul 2022

🗺️ Expertise Countries & Cities

Morocco  🇲🇦


🎨 Delivery Time for Designed Itineraries

7-10 Working Days


🗒️ Notes

1-on-1 Chat

It’s an opportunity for traveller to directly chat with Andy about details and issues of the trip they are about to set off, so that every traveller can be more prepared to make the most of it in their trips.

Booking Service

An add-on service provided by Glide with a partnered travel agency in Hong Kong.

We will take up the role to book items for you in your designed itinerary e.g. Flight ticket, accommodation, activities etc.

You can then sit back and relax, and get ready for your holiday focusing on the fun ahead and what to bring with you.

For more details, please speak to our team directly via Whatsapp at +852 6146 8385 or email at

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