About Glide

1. What is Glide?

Glide is where you get your trips designed by travel creators.

At Glide, you will find a variety of itinerary designers who possess a wealth of travel knowledge and experiences around the world, and they are here to empower you to travel more extraordinarily through designing itineraries for you according to your preferences and requirements.

2. Is Glide suitable to me?

Glide focuses on providing services to connect travellers with itinerary designers for customising upcoming trips.

If you feel like the designer is someone that you share similar travel styles or preferences, it’s very likely that they would be able to make your trips more extraordinarily.

By all means, you are very welcome to enjoy our content on various social channels as part of your travel planning. It’s always our honour that we can be part of your trip planning journey!

3. How is Glide different from existing itinerary customisation offerings?

We believe there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to travelling. Therefore we invite itinerary designers from different backgrounds to get onboard our travel community - in order to contribute their hard-earned travel insights and tips to everyone in the communities and eco-system.

We decentralise the way travel itineraries has been designed - As a traveller, you and your companion can now select from a variety of travel creators to design the itineraries for your trips. 

Itinerary Design

1. How to choose a suitable itinerary designer?

Every trip is different, and that’s the beauty about travelling.

We would suggest you to find an itinerary designer that shares similar travel styles and preferences with you, so that they would be able to customise a trip that's fitting what you want. 

2. What details to share with itinerary designer for them to customise an itinerary for my trip?

We recommend you to share the following details to our itinerary designer to understand more about your travel styles and preferences:

  • Destination(s) or region(s)
  • Travel companion / group size
  • Travel period i.e. ideally to provide dates, if not, estimated dates or weeks will greatly help
  • Budget
  • Preferred activities or interests
  • Special occasion i.e. honeymoon, birthday, engagement etc.

The list goes on. Share what you are thinking to us so that we can design the most suitable itinerary for you and your trip.

3. How long does it take to receive my designed itinerary?

It varies from each travel creator. We state it in the description of each itinerary designer so that you can assess it before making the purchase.

If you are in a last-minute position, please contact us directly to arrange a special itinerary delivery. We will do our best with creators to accommodate your travel plans.

4. What if I'm not happy about the designed itinerary?

Itinerary Designers are designing your itinerary based on their insights and experiences, along with your preferences. We guarantee that they always do their very best to accommodate your requirement. However, we understand that there are times where you would like to provide feedback, we therefore provide a one-time amendment for you, just so Itinerary Designer will be able to do further touch-up on the trip for you.

We believe our travel community deserves respect and love. 🧡

If you have any feedback and questions, feel free to let us know. :)


Other Services

1. There are also add-on items such as 1-on-1 chat & booking service, how do they work?

1-on-1 chat - it’s a 20-minute add-on item that the itinerary designer agreed to take part. It’s an opportunity for traveller to directly chat with their itinerary designer about details and issues of the trip they are about to set off, so that every traveller can be more prepared to make the most of it and enjoy their trips.

Booking service - it’s an add-on service provided by Glide with a licenced travel agency in Hong Kong. We will take up the role to book items for you in your designed itinerary e.g. flight ticket, accommodation, activities etc.

You can then sit back and relax, and get ready for your holiday.

For more details, please speak to our team directly via Whatsapp at +852 6146 8385 or email at hello@glide.hk


1. Are there any other payment methods to place my order?

Other than the usual digital payment methods that you see e.g. Visa / Mastercard / ApplePay / GooglePay etc, we also accept bank transfer or local Hong Kong method i.e. FPS, Payme.

2. How can I arrange payment via bank transfer?

Select “Bank deposit” for payment method when you checkout. The bank details will be displayed for your further handling via bank transfer.

Please contact us via Whatsapp +852 6146 8385 or email at hello@glide.hk after arranging payment to us.

3. How can I arrange payment via FPS / Payme?

FPS payment ID: 164609794

Payme’s PayCode:

Please contact us via Whatsapp +852 6146 8385 or email at hello@glide.hk after arranging payment to us. We will then send you payment confirmation for the purchase.

4. What is the refund policy?

Every circumstance is different and we do handle it case by case and do our best to accommodate every customer’s request.

If a refund has been agreed by both parties, we will issue full refund minus the payment processing fees involved in the transaction.

However, once the itinerary designer has begun the design work, there will be no refund.

5. How long does it take to get my refund?

Generally it takes 2-3 weeks to process the refund back to your designated bank  accounts.

More Questions

You are welcome to chat with us directly for any concerns or issues. We are here to help you and your travel experience to be more extraordinary!

Please Whatsapp our team at +852 6146 8385 or email us at hello@glide.hk and we will get back to you as soon as we can! :)

Happy & safe travel! 🧳